The sun has been shining and we have had daily visitors to our garden.

My intention in the garden has always been to provide some food for us (weather dependent!!) and food for bees and butterflies.

We regularly have late summer visits from Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies (the opening photo is from 2008, the others from this week), but we had a new visitor this year.

I had to look it up here – he/she is a Small Tortoiseshell.
They all favour the buddleia, particularly the 2 with paler flowers. We had 4 Peacocks, a Red Admiral and our new friend all feeding at the same time.
The bees are going mad for the lavender and oregano flowers, it’s lovely to see so many.
No pictures of the bees in the garden, but here’s one from a visit to Mayfield Lavender last year.

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