Busy weekend & crochet help needed!!

We had a gorgeous day in the garden on Sunday.
Niblet loves being out there getting muddy, doing digging and hoeing.
But yet again, I forgot to take photos…until yesterday.
Then we’ve had internet problems, so I’m only now finally getting to post this!!
Hubbie did some hard digging to put our homemade compost in trenches to feed peas, beans, squashes and courgettes.
Our compost is definitely composting quicker since we started using a bokashi bucket. It also allows us to compost fish, meat, bread and other scraps we wouldn’t have been able to do previously. For how to and to get visit Wiggly Wigglers.

We also got my mum a baby posy from the Wiggly Florist to celebrate her retirement and the start of her new venture as a sew-it-all!! She loved the seasonal Britishness of it.

I put in Cavalo Nero, 2 kinds of lettuce, radishes, rocket, mizuna and beetroot. This adds to the salad-y stuff niblet & I planted a few weeks ago and the potatoes and beans that went in mid-April.

When I went out to take some photos of the dug garden, I took a few of other things in the garden. I’m loving our cowslips, they brighten the garden up so much. They also look nice on our dining table!!

Taking the pictures yesterday doesn’t give a sense of the sunny day we had on Sunday. The wind was blowing a lot yesterday, but that did mean I could get a picture of the windmill spinning wildly!

On a completely different note, I finally got around to having another go at crocheting a flower, after mastering it at ‘the outlaws’, but then having a disastrous attempt on the way home from our trip.

I managed to do it, but it hasn’t quite come out how I’d have hoped and you may notice that it’s still attached to the hook!!

I have looked in my Patons guide to woolcraft and other crafty guides and found lots of help with how to crochet, but nothing to show how to finish off. Now, I’m sure it’s quite easy and I’m just being a bit scatter-brained, as I was shown how to do it, but I really can’t remember.

Please can someone let me know how to finish it off, so I can get the completed flower off the hook. Thanks!!

One thought on “Busy weekend & crochet help needed!!

  1. yaayyy you did the tiny flower!
    Ok, to finish off, first make a slip stitch to close the round. Stick your hook in right at the point where you first started with the first petal, at the bottom there. Then yarn over, pull the loop through the flower to the front, then pull it through the loop on your hook.
    Now to finish off…yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop on your hook, snip the yarn leaving a tail end for darning in, then simply pull your hook upwards so that the loop grows bigger and bigger and pull the tail end right up and out. Pull tight.
    Devillishly hard to explain but easy as pie to do, I hope you can get what I mean!!!
    Much love lucexxxxx

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