La Pedrera, Barcelona

Well today has been another wet day. We managed to go out to Alderley Edge for a walk this morning and didn’t get too wet until the last 10 minutes or so. Then it has pretty much rained non-stop.
I joined postcrossing this week, as I have a box full of postcards I have picked up over the years that just sit there doing nothing! I have cards that were from the racks of free postcards that used to be in bars, cinemas and so on, but seem to have disappeared rmore recently. I have quite a lot of art postcards that I have picked up too.
I spent some time sorting them out, as there are loads I still love and want to keep. These have been put into cheap photo books.
The others are all now awaiting their trip of a lifetime to some far flung destination. The first 5 destinations are Belarus, USA, Finland, The Netherlands and Russia.
Anyway, I now have to wait for them to be received and registered before I start getting some lovely mail too.

La Pedrera, Barcelona

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