I’m trying!!!

I’ve tried to upload another Polaroid (well, tried a couple actually) but I keep getting some sort of error – the server is rejecting my pictures. So no picture today. I would try again later but I’m having enough trouble managing my time as it is!!I don’t seem to be able to find any time to make at the moment, the beautiful Clothkits dress was the last thing I made. I have however managed to pass on some of my previously made Christmas cards (they’ve been sitting in a box for a couple of years). I seem to be spending more time trying to organise and get rid of some of the random bits of paper I have lying around all over the house, not that that is a bad thing!!

I am starting to get Christmassy and am thinking about writing cards and wrapping pressies already. There will be less to wrap this year, as the current financial climate has pushed one side of the family to a children only policy, which we are more than happy to support, particularly as there are 4 family birthdays in December on that side (Niblet & Hubbie included).

I have also started looking at Christmassy magazines, but have bought less than expected so far. Handmade Living didn’t look that inspiring (so I didn’t buy), Easy Living (which I did buy) isn’t that great either. I’m waiting to see what making magazine has in store when that comes out and will probably consider Prima and Country Living too. At least it is a money saver if I’m not impressed!!

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