Brooklyn Bridge – October 2005

Hooray!! It’s finally stopped raining.
I’ve almost stopped coughing and last night I cut out the bits from the Clothkits kit. It’s like I’m nearly human again.
I am a sucker for magazines, particularly of the crafty variety (not so much the card-making, crochet types, but general ones). In the past year I felt spoilt for choice.

I subscribed to making magazine before it launched last year, and found it quite interesting. However, some of the projects seemed too specialist and I think there may have been a bit of product placement as you needed to own Dremel tools or a Sizzix machine (none of which I own) for a few things too. Good interviews and some good ideas though.

Then earlier this year came Handmade Living, which despite the many spelling/grammar/photo errors, I loved for the first few issues. This has worn off a little, as many of the sewing projects I already have courtesy of my Sew Hip subscription, and some of it now seems a bit dull.

I have, however, found a new love …. despite missing the first 3 issues and not being able to get them on back order ( I didn’t see it anywhere until issue 4). It is …..  Mollie Makes.
It is beautifully set out, has loads of interesting articles and even comes with all the bits to make something. The fruity pin cushions, in the current issue, are gorgeous.
I am looking forward to my 1st subscriber issue arriving later on this month.

I will, undoubtedly, be buying all of them (and many others) next month, as I really love magazines full of Christmas ideas. Despite hardly ever getting round to creating any of the things that make perfect Christmas that exists in my head!!

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